How we work


We work with
people on the ground

We partner with Christian organisations who are a part of the very communities they serve. Being part of the local community means our partners understand its needs, strengths and complexities.

We provide our partners with the funding needed to run projects, as well as ongoing training and support. Together with our partners, we monitor and evaluate all our projects’ effectiveness to ensure we achieve lasting transformation.

We have 36 in-country project partners in 20 countries, helping us deliver 81 projects.

We work with

Our project partners work hand-in-hand with community members to develop lasting solutions to their poverty. We believe in empowering people, so our project partners begin by setting up community-based organisations, where community members can receive training and resources to start making changes in their own lives.

Community members also work with our local partners to develop holistic community plans, which begins with them identifying the root causes of their poverty and then mapping out the best ways of addressing it. Local people are then involved in delivering these changes and creating the opportunities they need to thrive. In this way, people’s capacity and belief in themselves is increased, and the changes we help to create outlast our involvement in the project.

We partner with
passionate Australians

We’re only able to do what we do because of people like you. Passionate Australians supporting Baptist World Aid to pave the way for countless children, families and communities to find hope again and realise a future without poverty.

Every day, in homes, schools and communities around the world, you are making a difference. Thank you!

Our partners
and alliances

We leverage our global partnerships and alliances – and share resources and knowledge with others working in our sector – in order to make the biggest mark on global poverty.

We work with:


Transform Aid International is a member of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) and a compliant signatory to ACFID’s Code of Conduct. The Code requires members to meet high standards of corporate governance, public accountability, and financial management.

Australian Government: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Transform Aid International is fully accredited by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. We meet their stringent standards in financial, reporting and project requirements, and access appropriate grants for work to end poverty.

Integral Alliance

Integral is a global alliance of 23 Christian relief and development agencies, working together to present a more effective response to poverty worldwide. Integral’s goal is to see holistic transformation for more people living in poverty, through providing collaborative opportunities for its Members in the areas of Disaster Management and Collaboration and Innovation.

Integral Members work in 85 countries, across 40 sectors, and work through over 600 partners.

Australian Baptist Ministries

Australian Baptist Ministries is the national body of Australian Baptist Churches through which state and territory unions and local churches partner together in national ministries.

Transform Aid International, under the name Baptist World Aid Australia, is the aid and development agency for Australian Baptist Ministries (previously the Baptist Union of Australia) and operates as an independent association with its own Board, directors and staff.


The Church Agencies Network (CAN) is made up of eleven Church-based international development agencies. While each agency operates independently, CAN is an opportunity for member organisations to collaborate, sharing experience and resources, and widening their individual reach. All eleven members are DFAT accredited and are signatories of the ACFID code of conduct.


The Church Agencies Network – Disaster Operations (CAN DO) is a sub-group of CAN, comprising eight of its eleven agencies. CAN DO was formed in 2015, as a means of strengthening and better coordinating its member agency work in disaster and humanitarian crises. It is approved to participate with DFAT and some of Australia’s leading humanitarian agencies in the Humanitarian Partnership Agreement.

Transform Aid International has been a member of CAN DO since it was formed, having played a leadership role in its formation.



Our story
Continuing a 60-year story

More than sixty years ago, the origins of Transform Aid International began.

It was 1959 and a group of Christians from an Australian Baptist church, led by Reverend Alan Prior, began providing food, shelter, and financial assistance to refugees and people in Australia who had been displaced by World War II.

Reverend Prior and his team soon learned about children living in poverty in India and expanded their focus to meet these children’s needs as well. This work, under the name Baptist World Aid, grew to be a leading Christian aid and development organisation and the main avenue for Australian Baptists to respond to global poverty.

Over the next few decades, the size and reach of Baptist World Aid grew to the point where, in 2013, it was necessary for a fresh vision to be cast. A new parent company, Transform Aid International Ltd., was created to open up new national and international opportunities, with Baptist World Aid becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Today, the Baptist World Aid name is used to connect the Baptist movement and the wider Australian community to a loving response to poverty, while Transform Aid International seeks to leverage new partnerships to find innovative solutions to global poverty. In this way, we believe we’ll see more lives changed and the realisation of the organisation’s vision of:

A world where poverty has ended and all people enjoy the fullness of life God intends.

We’re working for a world without poverty.