Impact Snapshot

Your partnership changes lives

Last year, 332,391 people’s lives were changed because of people like you. With partnerships like yours creating access to clean water, nutritious food and healthcare – and providing opportunities for fair-paying work and quality education – people all around the world were empowered to be all they could be.

Do you know what happened next?

Children and families who had once only known a life of struggle started believing for more. And they began to transform their lives.

This is what you make possible when you partner with Transform Aid International.

In 2018, you made
a difference for

82 projects
18 countries
332391 people
112378 households

Partnerships like yours are changing the world – one life, one family, one community at a time.

Breaking generational cycles of poverty

In rural Kenya, poverty is all many people have ever known. And without access to life’s essentials –clean water, food, healthcare and education – it’s extraordinarily difficult for people to break free of.

That’s why, with your help, we work with individuals, families and whole communities to create opportunities for people to reach for their dreams.

One of these people is Phillip, a man whose dreams of educating and caring for his children are becoming a reality, thanks to work he gained constructing a sand dam in his community.

“I do walk chest forward,” Phillip says, “knowing that I can provide at least all the needs of my family.”

Your partnership
in action

In 2018, you created opportunities for children, families and whole communities to thrive.

Access to life’s essentials
Thank you for helping 72,826 people gain access to nutritious food and 96,875 people to safe drinking water.
Support to grow incomes
Thank you for helping 14,779 people increase their income so they can provide for their families.
Improving education
Thank you for supporting parents and teachers to improve the quality of education at schools in 21 projects around the world.