Impact Partnerships

Together we can
end poverty

You’re here because you want to see change.

You believe that it’s possible to end global poverty and you want your organisation to be at the forefront of solutions that work.

You also want your people to feel greater purpose in their day-to-day and for everyone to see that yours is an organisation that cares.

A partnership with Transform Aid International allows you to lead the charge in fighting poverty and create the kind of business that people want to be a part of.

It’s an opportunity to transform your business … and the world!

Your partnership
in action

Partner with Transform Aid International to:

Make an impact

Be part of generating lasting solutions to global poverty

2018, Transform Aid International worked through 82 projects in 18 countries; assisting a total of 332,391 people or 112,378 households.

Give purpose to your people

Attract and retain staff by creating a culture that reflects your values

94% of millennials want to use their skills to benefit a cause.

Raise your voice

Give your brand a socially responsible voice that attracts loyal customers

94% of consumers are likely to switch brands to one that supports a cause.

Join a movement

Connect with like-minded business leaders in a movement to end global poverty

“Corporate social investment is one of the most powerful, and potentially abundant mechanisms for positive change that exists in the world today.”

Dr David Cooke,
Chairman and Managing Director
Konica Minolta Australia

Are you a leader who drives change?

Would you like your organisation to give purpose to your people?

Do you want to make a tangible impact on global poverty?

Choose Your Impact

Your Impact Partnership will fund important community development projects in your chosen impact area. In 2018:

Children and Youth


children were impacted



adults received vocational training



people were able to grow their income



people now have enough food to eat every day

Talk with us

A portrait photo of Karen Wilson
Karen Wilson
Director of Strategic Relations

Karen is an author, speaker and leader. Karen has served as the Executive Director of The Global Leadership Summit in Asia and in other executive roles across organisations in Western Australia. Her passion for mobilising people to make a difference in their local and global community saw her establish a conference which has to date raised over a million dollars for our work. Karen now connects with leaders across the globe, with a view to bringing transformation to both leaders and people living in poverty.

You can contact Karen on:
Phone: 0402 910 442
Email: [email protected]
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Rebecca Oates
Business Development Manager, Innovation

Rebecca understands the pressure of small business, having grown her own business from a single operator in hairdressing to a group of stores that were listed in Vogue magazine’s top 10 salons in Australia. Rebecca was also a finalist in the Telstra Australian Business Woman of the Year awards in 2013. As a business owner and entrepreneur, she was keen to use her business and commercial skills to make a difference for people living in poverty. Rebecca now facilitates Impact Partnerships for Transform Aid International.

You can connect with Rebecca on
Phone: 02 9921 3344
Email: [email protected]
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