Witness the transformation

Watch your congregation’s love for the world’s poorest people flourish as they commit to supporting a Church Partnership program!

Your congregation will play a tangible part in bringing about change as it prays together, raises funds and advocates for the projects its connected with through your Transform Aid International Church Partnership.

We will provide your church leadership with annual reports on the change you are making possible. And your church will be offered a variety of Church Partnership resources and opportunities. You may even get the chance to visit the projects your church supports and see, first-hand, the difference your partnership is making.

A partnership with us will give your church family the chance to learn more about the injustice of poverty as they respond to God’s call to be love to the poor. Help us transform the lives of the world’s poorest people. Partner with Transform Aid International to end poverty.

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Get in touch

You probably have more questions about Church Partnerships… and we’d love to answer them! Why not book a meeting with one of our staff today? It will give you the opportunity to find out more about how you can join as a Church Partner, and how you can take your church on this journey of discipleship.

Transform Aid International is the parent organisation of Baptist World Aid Australia. Through Baptist World Aid we connect with supporters in Australia, and through Transform Aid International we foster partnerships to implement our work overseas.

You can find out more here at baptistworldaid.org.au/our-story.